Do you have a loved one who is unable to care for himself physically or make decisions for himself medically or financially? A Conservatorship might be an option for you to ensure that his or her well being is cared for in every way.

A Conservatorship is the process where a judge declares an individual to be disabled (called the “Ward”), meaning he or she lacks the capacity to make decisions in one or more important areas, and identifies another individual (called the “Conservator”), as being able to make those decisions for the Ward. The general duties of the Conservator include: identifying and taking into the possession the Ward’s assets, investing the Ward’s assets to produce income, preparing and filing the Ward’s income tax returns, preparing and filing inventories and accounts as required by the Court, and spending the Ward’s money only on those items which the Court has approved. 

We frequently represent Conservators during this process, by preparing the necessary legal documentation to establish the Conservatorship, representing the Conservator in Court to establish that the Conservatorship is appropriate, and then advising the Conservator on his or her specific duties.

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